H. Jakobsen & Co. provides accurate, decision-ready information, translating financials into business intelligence so companies can make smart decisions.

The “business” side of my business used to get in the way of company growth. Managing payment for 100-plus independent contractors and billing clients was taking entirely too much of my time. Heidi Jakobsen and Company set up clear-cut accounting systems tailored to the production industry. Now, I can accurately track a P&L on each project, employees have a process to manage jobs and vendors have a clear line of communication for prompt payment. The efficiencies Heidi has created allow me to focus on creative and business development activities.

To add, the remote accounting service through H. Jakobsen & Co. has been a great move for Evolve Media. Everything is virtual. I don’t have to clutter my office with filing cabinets, and my books are now in one place and easy to access on Smart Vault. I can track vendors and clients painlessly through Bill.com. The whole process is much more efficient in terms of time and money.

— Tommy Maples, Executive Producer, Evolve Media, San Francisco, CA

H. Jakobsen and Co. demonstrates a great combination of personal commitment and professional knowledge – which makes for a good mix for my company’s needs. Big accounting firms can be intimidating, but Heidi and Team make me feel they care. Heidi tailors the services to meet my needs and answers all of my questions. One of my deciding factors was whether I could work online with Heidi due to being hundreds of miles away—Heidi presents very well remotely. In fact my favorite is our online monthly call which allows me to ask questions and holds me accountable to stay on top of things. I would absolutely recommend H. Jakobsen and Company.

— Chris Burke, Managing Member, Red Tail Media, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

H. Jakobsen & Co. effectively took a complex, multi-million dollar business and successfully took over the bookkeeping, simplifying some systems while retaining others. Heidi came highly recommended for her thoroughness, dependability, and accuracy. She delivered that and more: Cool under fire and a pleasure to work with. Lisa is doing well executing Heidi’s vision and following up with timeliness and accuracy.

— Anonymous, President, Media Production Company, San Francisco, CA

French Press Films needed guidance on how to undo the bookkeeping mess we had created. H. Jakobsen & Co. made order out of chaos for us. They introduced us to procedures and routines that we didn’t know were possible. Now, our financials aren’t so time intensive or frustrating anymore. We consider H. Jakobsen & Co. to be part of our team. They are open and friendly – never difficult – even when we were slow to understand things in the beginning. Their hands-on approach keeps us in the loop, so we know and understand what’s happening with our books at all times. In a word, we don’t feel “isolated.” We would most-definitely recommend H. Jakobsen & Co. If we can get our books straightened out, anyone can.

— Roman Honeycutt, Co-Founder, French Press Films, Oakland, CA

Heidi is excellent, efficient, smart and an expert with numbers. We have numerous bank accounts and she handled them all with great accuracy. And she’s great to work with. Heidi cares greatly about her work — she’s the best and I recommend her highly!

— David Frank, Indigo Films, Film & Television, San Rafael, CA

We were audited by the IRS and did not feel confident that our “homegrown” systems would stand up to the challenge. That’s when we began working with H. Jakobsen & Co. We appreciate H Jakobsen’s hard work and integrity. Heidi and Petra were always responsive to email questions and phone calls during the process. They suggested the most efficient way to handle our problem, and they also offered alternatives when we needed flexibility. We now have accurate, reliable financial statements, including a balance sheet. Using Smart Vault allows us secure access to my information to work whenever and wherever my schedule allows. I appreciate the flexibility as well as the security. We heartily recommended H Jakobsen & Co.

— Anonymous, Mill Valley, CA

I am a CPA in Marin who frequently is asked for a referral for accounting services. I am always confident in recommending Heidi Jakobsen to my clients or others who ask. I know she will do accurate, thorough, and timely work in addressing their particular needs. She is detail oriented and very conscientious in following up on open items.

Several years ago, I recommended Heidi to a top-tier client who needed both business and personal accounting services. Heidi took on the job with much enthusiasm and provided the client with excellent service. The client was very pleased with her work and she has become a key component of their financial team.

— Larry Lococo, CPA, Larkspur, CA

As CEO of a growing company I trust that Heidi will manage our accounting needs. Heidi consistently exceeds my expectations of what an accountant does. I think of her as part of our team, not as an external bookkeeper. Our books are kept the way they should be, and I never have to worry about it. Her response time is something I particularly value. When a problem arises, I know if Heidi is on it, she is going to be on it until the problem is resolved. I love the third party technology H. Jakobsen & Co. employs to create a paperless, remote environment. At first I had reservations because I am technologically challenged, that I would have to learn new technology. Now I find the interface and accessibility of programs like GoToMeeting and SmartVault easy to navigate and user friendly. I would recommend Heidi Jakobsen & Co. to anyone with a small business, because unless you have someone in-house that is trained and knows what they’re doing it’s not something you should be doing in-house.

— President and CEO, Health Outcomes and Medical Research Consulting Group, California

When I started my company I was wearing too many hats. Heidi and her team do a great job of filling in the gaps so that nothing falls through the cracks. Now I am able to focus on my strengths — jobs, designing and clients! Her paperless, remote system is a great alternative to needing to create physical space for hiring someone in-house. My stress is reduced knowing that I am in good hands with HJC & Co.

— Andrew Chance, President, Latitude Landscapes, San Rafael, CA

When I started working at Shoulder High Productions, I inherited a bookkeeping system in need of a fix. We were flying by the seat of our pants with no real understanding of our financials. H. Jakobsen came in and, rather than being an austere CPA who just crunched numbers, gave unparalleled support and training by showing us how to look back at where we’ve been historically and see where we are poised to go in the future.
I now look forward to our meetings because I feel empowered to plan better, to handle obstacles better, and to achieve company goals. Meeting remotely is much better than having to meet in person every time.
I heartily recommend Heidi and H. Jakobsen & Co. They work with us as if they’re a member of our team, and they consistently demonstrate that they have our best interest in mind.

— Blythe Baldwin,, Office Manager, Shoulder High Productions, San Francisco, CA

Petra was very professional and kind and explained everything in detail. She even set up a SmartVault: Sign In shortcut on our computer.

— Anonymous, Rental Real Estate in Solano County, CA

H. Jakobsen & Co. prepares my monthly personal and business bookkeeping. I have found that having one service prepare both sets of books has been extremely useful, especially when it comes to tax preparation, cash flow forecasting, and any financing activities. Heidi and her team are always available for special projects, reporting requirements, and other projects that come up for me as a small business owner. I would recommend H. Jakobsen & Co. to others.

— Mark McKee, Capital Alternatives, Investment Management, San Francisco, CA

A Berkeley graduate, Heidi is not only very competent, her integrity is impeccable and she is just a delight to work with. She offers excellent customized service – she helped me break out my services/ products so that I can truly see how and where I am generating revenue at any given time. I highly recommend Heidi.

— Martha Lee, Get In Position, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing,

H. Jakobsen & Co. allows creative people to do their art, while they keep track of the numbers. Heidi and her team are organized and efficient and a pleasure to work with.

— Janell Denler Hobart, Landscape Designer, Ross, CA

I’m a psychotherapist with no ability to organize and correctly calculate the checks I receive from my clients. I heard that Heidi could help, and she has transformed my banking from an un-doable chore into an easy pleasure. Heidi’s efficient, I now have accurate records of all my transactions, and Heidi brings such a wonderful spirit to our venture that I actually look forward to a chore that I used to avoid. Heidi takes very good care of my small business.

— Trout Black, Psychotherapist, San Rafael, CA

Heidi relieves me of the monthly responsibility required to prepare my books for tax time. I give her my statements and she does the rest. Given my already busy schedule this is one huge area I have off my plate. She’s professional and a pleasure to work with and she keeps me on track!

— Nathalie Kemp, Real Estate Agent, San Anselmo, CA

I am totally intimidated by finances. I was trying to re-do my Quicken by changing from one tracking system to another at the start of 2009, but couldn’t figure out how to proceed and was getting more and more confused and frustrated. Heidi calmly and logically figured out what I was trying to do and was able to get me off to a fresh start for the year. As a result, I was able to stay on top of my expenses and am all ready for tax season. I am so grateful to Heidi for her expertise and support when I was really floundering and am grateful to know that she is available, should I run into another problem.

— Judi McCord, San Rafael, CA

H. Jakobsen & Co. took the time to understand my business and set-up the books so that I could get reports showing me what areas in my business were most profitable. This helps me decide what areas of my business I should focus on. Heidi and her team are very accurate. And it’s a pleasure working with this friendly and professional group.

— Tony Briggs, Turtle Island Yoga, San Anselmo, CA


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