Case Studies


Case Number 1 – Smart Accounting Makes for Smarter Decisions     

As a well known rock & roll touring band, this client was certainly profitable in the overview. But touring is grueling work, so to help the band’s management make smart tour booking decisions, H. Jakobsen & Co.  used their specialty knowledge as Production Accountants to review not only the overall finances for this touring production company, but also each concert the band performed throughout the country to find the most (and least) profitable concerts. Sure, some factors change with each concert, but a lengthy tenure monitoring historical data for this client enabled intelligence for comparing year over year data.  With this knowledge, the most time-effective and profit-generating tours could be developed for the band. It’s just this type of smart accounting that enables smarter company decisions.


Case Number 2 – Uncovering Issues to Generate 40% Increase in Revenues

This professional services firm couldn’t figure out why they weren’t earning the profits they expected. H. Jakobsen & Co. brought their specialty professional services accounting and bookkeeping expertise to investigate the finances. As certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, H. Jakobsen & Co. uncovered the answer by sorting the billable services income from the sales of the company’s specialty products, which had been packaged into service invoices.  In this review of the company’s business process, the accountant discovered that the wholesale products for the company’s clients were undervalued. Once this investigation was solved, proper tracking was created for sales items and products were properly priced with a resulting 40% revenue increase in one year.