Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourced Accounting Management


Question:  What does outsourced accounting management mean?  Do you farm our information to another group or country?

Answer:  Outsourced means we work on your information from our office in Marin County, CA, USA where the information is secure and backed-up every day.  We do not provide your information to another entity without your permission.  To find out how we make it really easy to exchange your information between your office and ours, see the next question below.


Exchanging Bookkeeping Records


Question:  If you work from your office, how do we exchange our records from our office?

Answer:  Our packages include a variety of ways below in which your records are transferred securely from anywhere. Our personalized training and support makes this super easy and vastly time and cost effective.

(1)   Smart Vault – Our data management system allows us to exchange your unlimited digital files in the cloud between your office and ours, securely and instantly. All you need is a scanner and the internet. We provide the rest.

(2)   Customized Templates – We download transactions from your bank or credit-cards into customized templates with drop-down menus using your coding lists so that you can easily code non-recurring transactions when it is convenient for you. We handle the recurring.

(3)   Fed Ex – We provide you our account and we exchange your documents.

(4)   Personal Courier Service – Although not as time and cost effective, if you are local, we pick up and deliver your documents.

(5)   Go to Meeting – Instead of sitting in an office together we see each other through a webcam and at the same time view multiple documents that we can discuss or edit live.

(6)   Right Networks – We give you access to QuickBooks and other software programs in the cloud so you have access to your financials 24 hours/7 days a week.

In our discovery meeting we learn which of these options work the best for you.