For Tax Experts

…who don’t want to act as a mini accounting and business management office.

H. Jakobsen & Co. serves Tax Specialists who don’t wish to provide in-house accounting management services for their business and individual tax clients. We find many Tax Experts prefer to outsource to us the back office accounting services and accurate reporting so that they can prepare the taxes.




(1) We work with cloud based technology so we can help your clients located anywhere in the USA. You can have access to records 24/7 anywhere you have internet access.

2) It is far less expensive for us to provide a mini accounting office to handle your clients’ accounting or bookkeeping than it is for your clients to house an accounting department on their own or use your specialist staff to manage those details.  That is what we do.

(3) As your trusted outsourced accounting management company, we deliver your clients’ predictably accurate quarterly and year-end QuickBooks Reports for greater ease and more accurate tax preparation.     We don’t provide tax services.   We let you handle it.

(4) Our comprehensive reports allow Tax Preparers to offer their higher level work more cost effectively, to advise on business and tax strategies, investment strategies, and prepare and file taxes.




We work with the clients Tax Specialist to integrate our work seamlessly with yours.   We deliver a complete set of books, as well as alert you to the sometimes “unusual items” by offering a customized summary tailored for each clients’ business.


Complete Financial Reporting

We deliver a complete, reliable and accurate set of management reporting with no additional clean-up (including a completed year-end organizer with supporting documentation if requested) in whatever format you prefer — whether it’s an Accountant’s Copy of QuickBooks or a soft or hard copy of the financial statements. Our goal is to simply make it easier for you to prepare quarterly and year-end taxes.


Business Finance Management

We handle everything else including business finance management such as written policies and procedures, internal controls, cash management and workers compensation audits. Additionally, we offer specialized services for TV, Film or Music Production Accounting to support their Tax Specialists in allocating revenue by state.


Flexible Services for Growing Businesses

We provide tiered levels of service for growing business owners and family operations, specializing in Professional Services Accounting as well as Personal Finance Accounting.

Supervised by a highly skilled CPA who is also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we offer a full suite of accounting or basic reliable bookkeeping.  We charge according to a tiered rate structure so clients get what they pay for – and you get just the clean reports you want for accurate tax preparation.


Call us at (415) 453-4276, and we’ll be there for you!